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Services that are Worth their Weight in Gold

Outplacement in the Telecommunications Industry

Facing a Difficult Reality

For a telecom company, staying relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry is critical. The organization was losing both market share and money, and was in desperate need of restructure. As part of its turnaround efforts, the company needed to downsize its corporate structure – particularly its IT team. The client was seeking a partner who could develop a solution that would support its restructuring process while maintaining both productivity and employer brand.

Supporting and Empowering Employees through Career Transition

As a partner to this organization since 2000, Right Management has worked with over 5,700 of the client’s departing employees. For this mass layoff, Right Management was the chosen partner based on our historic performance as well as our forward-looking approach to helping the client manage through the change. Right Management was on site during notification day to support the client and employees and had dedicated consultants ready to connect the employees to companies and recruiters to give them an advantage in navigating their job search. Since the majority of the layoffs were being held in one location, the client was much attuned to the fact that this would create a large impact on the community. In order to alleviate the impact, Right Management held Virtual Career Fairs through its local Job Market Experts, who leveraged the vast resources of companies they work with and marketed these IT employees to help them land the perfect position faster.

“This Service was Worth its Weight in Gold.”

In using Right Management’s services, the client’s former employees experienced a positive career transition and were able to land a career faster through Right Management’s Job Market Experts and Virtual Careers Fairs, which in return protected this client’s brand and reputation as employer.

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