How A Career Coach Can Help With Career Transition

One-on-one coaching. According to our surveys, this is one of the most valued services that fall under the umbrella of outplacement services.

Why is one-on-one coaching so valuable? Think about it this way, for many of the candidates who qualify for outplacement packages; this will be the first time in their careers that they have been let go from a job. Often, they were successful, top performers who worked for the same company for a number of years; and being forced into a career transition can leave them feeling wounded, betrayed and confused.

A career coach can provide candidates with emotional support throughout the job search and career transition process. During this stressful time, the guidance a coach provides can help restore a candidate’s morale and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

What services do career coaches provide?

Most career coaches conduct interviews and assessments to gain insight into a candidate’s skills and career goals, assist with resume development and interview preparation, and provide candidates with potential job leads.

At Right Management, our career counselors do all of the things mentioned above, but they also do so much more…

What makes Right Management’s coaches different?

They Provide Individualized Support Throughout the Process

We believe that the key to a successful career transition is a successful candidate and coach pairing. Our coaches are assigned based on the candidate’s work style, business experience, areas of interest, sector and functional expertise, and career goals and objectives. Once they are paired up, coaches tailor their coaching style to fit the unique needs of the candidate.

The individualized support candidates receive isn’t just limited to the technical aspects of the career transition process. Our coaches also provide candidates with emotional support during this rather stressful step in their career path. Not only are they a sympathetic ear, but they are also skilled motivators who can provide valuable advice to help candidates stay focused and productive. When a candidate is feeling discouraged about the career transition process, a coach can help them work through and normalize what they are feeling. Creating this close relationship facilitates a collaborative journey that results in quicker candidate placement.

They Have Industry Expertise and Experience

Our coaches have an average of 15-20 years of business and industry expertise that they put to use helping transitioning candidates find and be successful in their next career opportunity.

Candidates receive unlimited one-on-one coaching that matches with their job and career stage. For example, we have coaches who come from a background where they have the knowledge and experience to support executive candidates. We have found that when candidates can work with a coach who has a similar background to theirs, it can beneficial because they are working with someone who can relate to what they are going through and feeling.

They Use Technology as a Career Transition Tool

Technology is at the heart of our approach to outplacement. Our RightChoice® career program transition program combines personalized one-on-one career coaching with innovative web tools, best-practice seminars, events and webinars. We’ve worked hard to create a program that meets the learning styles and preferences of our candidates. They can access all of these things anytime, anywhere – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using our RightEverywhere candidate portal.

Our counselors help candidates take traditional things like portfolios and interviews into the age of technology. They help candidates enhance their personal brand through the creation of personal portfolio websites. As for interviews, one of the tools in our RightEverywhere portal is iView, an interactive interview tool that allows practice sessions to be recorded and viewed by candidates and their coaches. One of the things that many candidates can practice using iView, is their response to the dreaded “reason for leaving” question. Candidates often struggle with this because it is a difficult subject for them, but our career coaches help craft a compelling story that can be told in an interview.

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