Talent Assessments

Gather insights to make informed hiring and development decisions.

Assessing Potential

More than 50% of executives fail within the first 18 months of promotion. By deploying assessment programs across your organization, you can improve hiring and promotion outcomes, reduce bias and enable better visibility of your workforce capabilities. Right Management offers a wide range of best-in-class assessments globally and at scale. We analyze data in aggregate to provide talent insights and enable strategic talent investments.

The Negative Impact of Bad Fit

of organizations do not have leaders identified to fill critical roles.
0 %
of professionals have left a job due to poor cultural fit.
0 %
of companies lack a prescriptive approach for pinpointing high potentials.
0 %
their annual salary is the cost of replacing a new hire.
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Why Utilize Assessments?

Increase Performance

Provide data-driven insights into strengths and development areas, enable targeted skill enhancement, and optimize talent placement within an organization.

Improve Retention

Identify and address employee growth opportunities, facilitate personalized development plans, and enhance job satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduce Risk

Ensure a thorough evaluation of candidates' skills and cultural fit, minimize the likelihood of mismatches, and enhance the overall effectiveness of talent acquisition.

The Positive Impact of Assessments

lower staff turnover when companies use selection and development assessments.
0 %
reduced time-to-hire when using candidate selection assessments.
0 %
of the Best-in-Class (top 20%) companies use assessments for selection and development
0 %
of HR professionals say using assessments has helped them improve hiring and employee development.
0 %

The Right Assessments for Any Employee

Assessment for Selection

Identify talent that is the best fit for specific roles and potential for future growth.

Assessment for Development

Identify talent for career growth then develop skills to enable readiness for the next challenge.

Executive Succession Planning

Strategically identify and groom potential leaders to ensure a seamless transition of key leadership roles, mitigating risks and ensuring continuity in executive leadership.

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