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Great Employee Experiences Encompass the Journey From Hello to Goodbye

Workforce disruption, spiked by employee isolation, disconnection, and burnout, is rampant. People, your most important investment, are walking out the door, or simply not performing. Right Management Great Lakes, with over 40 years of experience, helps companies create the employee experiences people want and need from beginning to end.

From the time you first meet them, to the time you part ways, carefully cultivating relationships with your employees is vital to your brand and success. Offer a comprehensive plan that spans recruitment, onboarding, ongoing training, mentoring, to offboarding/outplacement, from Day One.

How you say goodbye to employees is just as important as the way you bring people in and develop them. On average, an individual will seek feedback from 5 to 10 former employees before hearing one word from a potential employer. Your ability to attract and retain the talent you need tomorrow, depends upon how you support the transition of those leaving today. Say hello AND plan for goodbye, the human-centered way.

Next Moves

84% of exiting employees express a favorable opinion of a company when off-boarding is done well

Building a meaningful employee experience starts at the end of the employee journey. Your top performers, and the talented people you want in your future workforce, are watching how you say goodbye to those leaving the business.

For companies to build an alumni base of brand advocates, not detractors, they need to promote wellness, skill building, and effective career or retirement transitions for those departing their organizations. 

Supported career and retirement transitions, through Right Management outplacement, means when the talent you need tomorrow talks to your former employees, they’re hearing about a meaningful experience. 

Strong Starts

78% of companies, who invest in selection assessment report increased ROI and reduced attrition

Great work requires that you recruit and guide talented people to achieve big goals. The reality is, without the insight of selection assessments, people tend to hire others who look, act, and think like they do.

Assessment is key, and even more valuable when coupled with tailored coaching if the candidate is hired. If you don’t get a person’s journey right on day one, you may have lost the battle before you engaged.

Right Management helps companies make better hiring decisions through the use of data-driven selection assessments, behavioral interviews, success profiles, and onboarding. 

Better Leaders, Better Teams

Over 50% of employees cite ineffective immediate management as a reason to leave the company

The lifeblood of an organization is its leaders, who connect, inspire, and empower people. To effectively retain your employees, you need to start by looking at leadership. People don’t quit their job, they quit their boss, and no one becomes a leader overnight. Leadership is learned, day by day, and strengthened through consistent tools, effective habits, disciplined coaching, and practice. 

Right Management helps companies develop leaders and their teams through classroom-style leadership training, developmental assessments, individual development plans, and 1:1 executive coaching.

Key Talent & Flight Risks

68% of high-potential employees cite having no individual growth path as a reason for leaving

Your highest potential employees have options. Many feel disconnected. Burnout is real. Attrition is costly. But people won’t stay with your organization unless they feel a strong bond. When you invest in each employee’s experience, you create that bond. Developing an individual’s unique career path is critical to recruitment and retention.

Right Management helps companies develop and retain their key talent and emerging leaders through developmental and predictive assessments, individual development plans, and 1:1 leadership coaching.

Why Do Clients Work With Us?

We Help Businesses Prepare for the Realities of Tomorrow by Building Better People Today

We Are Passionate About Potential

We seek out the potential in our clients and in one other, and do everything we can to direct that potential toward great things.

We Invest in Our People

We encourage our clients to invest in their people, so we do too. We like to walk the talk.

We See the Bigger Picture

We see the forest and the trees. We find solutions to help our clients today, but are constantly on the lookout for what’s coming tomorrow.

We Serve With Kindness

We’re likeable. Always willing to lend a hand. Team players and unabashed cheerleaders. Someone you trust and enjoy being around.

We Are Empathetic But Direct

We speak the truth, even when it’s hard. But we also embrace empathy, never losing sight of the real people that we impact every day.

We Never Settle

We are compelled to push for more, better, and never-been-done-before. Energized by possibilities, and not afraid to ask “Why?” and “What If?”.

No One Wants to Be a Human Resource

People are not interchangeable parts. They are at the heart of what we do, and we treat them with the respect they deserve.

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