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The Future of Work is Here. We're Ready For it, Are You?

As experts in career management, leadership development and workforce networking, our job is to help clients let go of the past and embrace the realities of the future. Human resources as we know it is dead. Fortunately, the future of human resources – driven by strategic business people who operate as mission-critical advisors – is more important than ever before. For transformational people and talent leaders, the future is bright!

At Right Management Great Lakes, we provide coaching, leadership development and career management services that empower you to improve business performance through talent transformation. For nearly 40 years Right Management has helped thousands of companies in Michigan and Ohio, and over 500,000 Midwesterners, evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy. We help companies build exceptional leaders, and enable people to be optimal contributors, so they can operate as pillars in their community.

Identifying, onboarding, developing and retaining top talent remains a primary challenge for businesses looking to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing economy. If you don’t have better talent than your competition, and do a better job of nurturing and growing it, your days may be numbered.

21st century professionals expect the opportunity to make thoughtful decisions about their career trajectory and professional development. For over 40 years, we've empowered candidates in transition to retool and decide their next career move through our outplacement offering.

If you’re looking for niche talent, chances are we have more than a few recommendations. If you’re looking for inroads into the company of your dreams, chances are we can facilitate a connection. We’re passionate about helping businesses and individuals connect with talent and opportunity.

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