Higher Education Highlights

Few Segments have Weathered Change Like Higher Education

In 2023, higher education faces a twofold challenge encompassing both the evolving landscape of learning and the shifting demands of talent. The proliferation of online platforms and digital resources has disrupted traditional classroom models, necessitating institutions to embrace innovative teaching methods and flexible learning formats. Concurrently, the demand for specialized and practical skills has redefined the concept of academic talent. Institutions are adapting by engaging industry experts, adjunct faculty, and remote instructors to offer students insights aligned with real-world scenarios. This dynamic interplay between educational delivery and talent requirements underscores the need for higher education to foster agility, relevance, and a seamless integration between academia and the ever-evolving demands of the job market.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Right Management supported higher education leaders in evaluating current and future readiness of their teams, fostered the growth of key leaders, and assisted the transition of those who were not part of the organization’s future plans.

Hear from Our Higher Education Candidates

A Big Difference Was Made in their Lives...

“Losing my job felt a bit like losing my identity. I lost my routine, my community of work colleagues, and my confidence. Right Management helped me regain my confidence and develop a plan that worked for me.”

“I know that companies have laid people off and left them out to dry. I’m very thankful I didn’t have that. And, investing in outplacement sounds like not just the right thing to do, but the only thing to do.”

Important Observations in the Higher Education Industry

We Noticed Some Interesting Trends...

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Preparedness for a Search

After their program, 71% of higher ed candidates felt prepared for a job search. Compared to the 55% that felt prepared directly after separation.

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Positive View of Former Employer

60% of candidates would still recommend their previous employer as a place to work, and have an overall positive view of the company.

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Likelihood to Recommend

After completing their program with Right Management, 93% of transitioned employees would still purchase and recommend their previous employer's products.

Not Surprised

Coaches noticed that most candidates were sad to be selected, but not surprised given market conditions in the auto industry.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Candidates appreciated the check-in from Right Management and they "felt like their employer wanted to ensure their wellbeing."

Robotic Notification

Candidates felt like the notification process was robotic and failed to address their questions.

AI Knowledge

Most companies have a need for digital transformation/AI knowledge and these skills are regularly listed in job postings.

Longer Tenure

Longer tenure leads to a much greater feeling of betrayal at a former employer after separation. Candidates feel as if they invested their life into a company and are left without a parachute.


Many candidates who are separated and have been in the workforce for a long time worry that age will affect their ability to find a new job quickly.

Typical Project Volume & Utilization for Higher Education Candidates

Candidates Referred and Program Usage

Utilization 67%
Utilization 69%
Utilization 67%
Utilization 79%
Utilization 89%
Utilization 73%

Candidate Job Landings in the Higher Education Industry

Average Weeks to Land a New Role


Program Satisfaction & Top Resources

Candidate Survey Results

Response Count = 1,655

TouchPoint Score Count = 760

As global outplacement leaders, we take our candidates’ experience seriously. At the end of each coaching touchpoint, event, seminar, etc., we randomly sample an externally valid population of candidates to determine satisfaction and uncover areas for improvement. 

This data is updated monthly and reflects 2022 responses.

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Top Resources Used throughout Program


Moving Forward...

To support the higher education industry we recommend the following:

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