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Protect / grow salary
1 %

Percent of candidates who secure a role with the same or higher levels of compensation

Faster landing times
1 %

On average individuals find employment 70% faster than unsupported job seekers and reduce the gap in benefit coverage

Retirement Ready
1 %

Over 60% of Americans at retirement age do not have a formal plan. Our candidates do.

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You Have Options Through Right Management

Right Management provides a wide variety of career path options, whether you seek re-employment, entrepreneurship, retirement, or something else, we’ll help you plan for the next phase of your journey. Our expert coaches are here to help you navigate and assess the best option for you, determine short and long-term objectives, and develop an implementation plan for success. Transition is different for everyone, and you’ve got options through Right Management!


Our career re-employment program gives you the tools and support needed to land new jobs faster, protect your compensation, and control your future by developing the skills needed to thrive in upcoming roles.


Retirement today can take many different forms, but the planning process is unique to you. With our Life Options coaching, you will develop a plan for your future lifestyle and create a bridge that helps you get there.


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this program helps you examine typical trouble spots and highlight pitfalls to avoid. You’ll also receive helpful suggestions on how to recognize opportunities when developing and launching new ventures.


Interested in joining a board, non-profit, or charitable organization? Our program helps you identify opportunities to apply your experience for enrichment, giving back, paying it forward, and/or as a stepping stone to something new.

Re-Skill for a New Role

Opportunity is out there and now is the time to enhance your capabilities and replenish your “skills gas tank”. Our program gives you access to a robust upskilling / reskilling platform to help you take your career in a new direction.

Gig or Portfolio Careers

Consulting, freelancing, and contracting are just some of the options to consider for “gig” employment. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to tackle new opportunities that offer flexible and diverse work situations that you control.