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The Least Engaged Employee Segment? The Middle.

Organizations are facing an employee engagement crisis, and the concern lies with the middle employees—those with three to five years at the organization and fewer than ten years of experience. This group is the least likely to be engaged due to uncertainty over their career paths within the organization, which, in turn, makes them most likely to leave the organization in search of new opportunities. 

To tackle this employee engagement crisis, companies need to invest in development efforts that directly grow the largest employee segment, the middle. Flex Your Way is a modern solution that helps organizations make affordable investments in their people, and most importantly, those residing in the middle. The Flex Your Way portfolio covers the most impactful parts of the employee journey, and incorporates self-paced digital learning, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching. 

The Negative Impact of Stagnation

of employees would stay at a job longer if employers provided training and development opportunities.
0 %
of workers say that a lack of development opportunities is preventing them from reaching their full potential.
0 %
of employees feels confident about their current role, which has led 75% to browse new roles at other companies.
0 %
of millennials will change roles for better development.
0 %

Why Provide Employee Development?


Workers today want and expect to be developed. Companies that invest in key talent will secure their future with a more engaged and energized workforce.


By challenging highly capable and motivated team members to learn and grow, you will help them accelerate their impact with the organization.

Leadership Skills

The modern work environment demands leaders develop new skills. Hybrid work models and talent turnover require a greater ability to manage disruption.

New Hires

The employee experience is critical for both attracting and retaining talent. By supporting new hires from the get-go, you show a commitment to their continued success.

The Positive Impact of Employee Development

Learners who set career goals engage with learning 4x more than those who don’t.
0 x
of employees who engage in conversations about their career path find more meaning and purpose in their role.
0 %
of employees say getting regular feedback is a good thing for their career and development.
0 %
of employees who say they have received meaningful feedback in the past week are fully engaged.
0 %

Flexible Development for Any Employee

Strong Start

Talent scarcity has become the norm for most HR and business leaders, and nothing magnifies that challenge more than losing good talent that you worked so hard to find. So what does it take to really engage and retain new hires? It’s clear that traditional onboarding isn’t enough. Strong Start, part of Right Management’s Flex Your Way Portfolio, supports new employees in achieving a smooth transition while building connections that inspire loyalty and long term success.

Strong Start Helps New Hires:

  • Increase confidence integrating into a new role and work environment
  • Build a foundation of open and effective communication with new manager and coworkers
  • Cultivate a network that provides a sense of connection and supports effectiveness in new role
  • Create a vision for long term commitment and success, paved by identification of development goals
  • Understand how to take ownership of what is needed to be successful and achieve career goals
Owning My Career

It’s a known fact – employees at all levels of an organization want development. The reality is, it’s tough for HR and business leaders to find the time, tools, and resources to provide personalized and meaningful development for everyone.

Owning My Career, part of Right Management’s Flex Your Way Portfolio, provides a development experience that puts employees in the driver’s seat. From introspection and reality-testing to idea generation and effective collaboration with their manager, this experience prepares employees to be proactive in achieving goals, reducing burden on the manager and enhancing probability for success.

Owning My Career Helps Learners:

  • Gain insight into strengths and motivators as drivers of career satisfaction
  • Align personal goals with organizational needs
  • Develop a personalized strategy for achieving career goals
  • Prepare for meaningful career conversations that address career goals.
Look Outward, Move Forward

Employees crave development, and feedback is one of the most valuable and impactful tools for growth. Though feedback is a gift, it often remains underutilized and unappreciated. To evolve their performance management practices, companies need to move away from annual review cycles and move towards embracing a culture of ongoing feedback.

Look Outward Move Forward, part of Right Management’s Flex Your Way portfolio, helps employees confidently embrace the benefits of inviting, responding, and learning from ongoing feedback.

Look Outward Move Forward Helps Learners:

  • Increase receptivity to feedback and utilize for development
  • Become aware of their impact on others within the organization
  • Calibrate career goals against the reality of how they are perceived
  • Clarify strengths and priorities for professional development
  • Commit to developing new skills, behaviors, and habits to support career goals.

Are Your Employees Just Going through the Motions?

Leaders across industries believe their employees are engaged and loyal to their organizations. This is an illusion. A must-read for leaders, our new report, The Engagement Illusion, uncovers the depth of the crisis and what you can do to overcome it effectively. 

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