The State of Careers 2024

The Engagement Illusion

Are your employees truly engaged or just going through the motions?

Leaders across industries believe their employees are engaged and loyal to their organizations. This is an illusion.

“The Engagement Illusion,” a groundbreaking report by Right Management, gives visibility into leader and employee viewpoints. It reveals that employee engagement is in a state of crisis, hidden behind an illusion of perceived worker satisfaction. Inside the report, you’ll find:

  • Eye-opening new research that illustrates the widespread myths of employee engagement.
  • Insights into the effects of misperceptions between leaders and staff on organizational health.
  • Actionable strategies for bridging the gap between perceived and actual employee engagement.

The Engagement Illusion is the first report in Right Management’s 2024 State of Careers series which aims to enable HR executives and industry leaders to make actionable, data-driven business decisions that help individuals grow and organizations thrive. Complete the form to get your copy of “The Engagement Illusion” today.

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