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The future of work is here. We're ready for it, are you?

As experts in career management, leadership development and workforce networking, our job is help clients let go of the past and embrace the realities of the future. Human resources as we know it is dead. Fortunately, the future of human resources – driven by strategic business people who operate as mission-critical advisors – is more important than ever before. For transformational people and talent leaders, the future is bright!

At Right Management Great Lakes, we provide coaching, leadership development and career management services that empower you to improve business performance through talent transformation. For nearly 40 years Right Management has helped thousands of companies in Michigan and Ohio, and over 500,000 Midwesterners, evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy. We help companies build exceptional leaders, and enable people to be optimal contributors, so they can operate as pillars in their community.

As a veteran-owned business, we take the responsibility of serving our clients’ businesses seriously. We have worked with over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies, a variety of small and medium sized businesses, and numerous charitable organizations throughout the Midwest. Thinking about transforming your company or career? We’re ready, are you?

Meet The Team

John Bourbeau Sr.

Founder, CEO

John Bourbeau Jr.


Colleen albright


Jeff Hauser

SVP Sales & Marketing

Stacy Centala

VP & Controller Finance

Shantel Heiler

Director of Quality Assurance

Adam Strickland

Manager of Talent

Matt Vannorman

Director, Business Development

Jackie Deace

Director, Business Development

Kyan Flynn

Director, Business Development

Zach danko

Manager of Candidate Learning and Engagement

Suzanne welsh

Senior Career Management Consultant

Amy Meeuwenberg

Senior Career Management Consultant

Adrianna Marino

Senior Career Management Consultant

Scott dubose

Career Management Consultant

Kirsten Cook

Career Management Consultant

Cindy pfeiffer

Senior Talent Management Consultant

Alisa Taylor

Account Manager

Brandi markle

Client Services Administrator

Kelsey west

Marketing Specialist

Shanitta Drake

Customer Experience Coordinator

Dawn Kauffman

Executive Support Specialist

Nick Boileau

Accounting Assistant

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