Who is Right Management?

We Improve Today’s Professionals and the Businesses that Rely on Them. 

We Are...

A Company of Real People

We believe a robot could never do what we do. Because people-powered businesses require human insights, and the world doesn’t need another automated process. Tools and technologies come and go, but our people will always be the key to our success.

A Work in Progress

We’re committed to continual improvement. We know there are new challenges around every corner (and thrive on that change), but only if we heed the same advice we give our clients: staying relevant takes work.

Humble Experts

We’re confident in our expertise, but we know that we don’t know it all.

An Extension of Our Clients

We operate as true partners, not just vendors hired to do a job.

Members of the Community

We believe that the work we do has a genuine impact both locally and globally, and we’re committed to being good neighbors and responsible stewards of the places we call home.

Meet The Team

John Bourbeau Sr.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

John Bourbeau Jr.


Colleen albright

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Hauser

SVP Sales & Marketing

Adam Strickland

Director of Transition Coaching and Engagement

Shantel Heiler

Strategic Account Manager

Christy Keizer

Director of Business Development

Suzanne welsh

Senior Career Management Consultant

Amy Meeuwenberg

Senior Career Management Consultant

Rikki Schwartz

Career Management Consultant

Sara Knopsnider

Quality and Engagement Specialist

Cindy pfeiffer

Senior Talent Management Consultant

Michelle Strauch

Talent Management Project Manager

Nick Boileau

Accounting Assistant

Kelsey west

Marketing Specialist

Connect With Us

At Right Management, Great Lakes, we help companies provide incredible employee experiences to hire, retain, develop, and support their people. We’d love to help your company with an employee experience strategy, but we need more info first. Kindly submit the form, and a Right Management team member will reach out within 24 hours.