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How can outplacement be beneficial for your brand?

Much of the conversation about outplacement focuses on the positive impact that services can have on the candidates who are being displaced. However, candidates aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits, if your company chooses to offer outplacement and career transition services. Your brand as a whole can also benefit.

Creating your brand perception can take a lot of time and effort to develop. It is made up of many moving parts that are influenced by a number of things, running the gamut from the quality of your product or service to the treatment of your employees.

By providing outplacement services, you tell the world that you are an employer who respects and values employees current (and former) employees at every stage of their career. Finding a way to help employees who are being displaced because of downsizing, mergers or other business activities can be quite beneficial to the overall health of your organization and your brand perception. Read on to learn more about what outplacement can do for you.

Help maintain employee morale and productivity.

If your organization is going through a transition period, it can create a very stressful environment for employees; even for those whose position isn’t in any danger of being eliminated. If employees feel stressed, it can have a tremendous impact on their morale and productivity.

However, by offering outplacement services it shows that you care about your employees and that you look out for them. Also, it provides them with peace of mind that if something should happen to their position, the transition to the next phase of career will be a bit smoother because they have support.

Reduce the potential for lawsuits.

The primary goal of outplacement and career transition services is to provide support, guidance and resources for exiting employees so they can find a new job quickly. If employees feel that you value them and truly care about their well-being, it could lower the chances that they would take legal action and make a claim against the organization for unfair dismissal. And being entangled in legal issues can be detrimental your brand perception and value.

Help your company’s bottom line.

Paying out the severance packages and unemployment benefits to exiting employees can be extremely costly. And while offering outplacement packages does require an up front investment, it’s proven that they help exiting employees find work faster; saving the organization money on long-term severance and unemployment costs.

Promote a positive image of the organization to its various publics.

There are a number of groups who’s perception of your brand can be impacted by the decision to provide access to outplacement services, including:

  • Investors- Offering services that go above and beyond, shows that you are deeply invested in the long-term health and success of the company.
  • Customers – When customers are trying to choose a company to work with, business practices and employee benefits are one thing that sets you apart from competitors. Having a good brand reputation can help win their business.
  • Potential new employees – Candidates are looking to work for companies that have a good brand reputation and are willing to provide them with support and benefits (like outplacement packages).
    If they are torn between two great companies, both with the same opportunities but different benefits, it’s obvious which they are more likely to pick and stick with.
  • Former employees – By helping exiting employees quickly find a satisfying new job, you ensure that they remain supportive of your brand and will have good things to say about you to others.

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