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Developing and Coaching Leaders Increases Employee Engagement

Leader Development and Coaching in the Financial Industry

Starting with Employee Engagement

Knowing that employee engagement is paramount in retaining and attracting top talent in the workplace, this global banking firm wanted to take a deeper dive in understanding its employees’ engagement levels. Right Management came in and administered an engagement survey, and what the client discovered from the results developed into so much more.

Custom-Fit Solution

After Right Management delivered the survey, it provided feedback with focus groups in several locations. This feedback showed a gap in perceptions of Management’s capabilities. Discovering this, Leadership acknowledged that putting more emphasis on skill building would help them function more efficiently and retain top talent, while helping them increase sales.

Right Management prepared a custom-fit solution for this client, which included management workshops for its middle and mid-senior level leaders, complemented by wrap-around coaching. Right Management also prepared an executive briefing session for top leaders in the company to orient them to the key points and the assessment their direct reports received. Top leaders also received assessment feedback and development coaching similar to their direct reports. A team of five consultants met with the leaders, and based on positive feedback, the client increased the number of wrap-around coaching hours.

Developing Leaders and Increasing Employee Engagement

This engagement survey project grew into a leadership development and coaching program because of Right Management’s 35+ years of experience, our understanding our client’s talent and development needs, and this client’s dedication to engaging, developing, and retaining its workforce.

As the program continued, the client increased the hours and expanded the number of leaders in the program because of the positive experience the leaders had. What began as a small number of workshops for 40 leaders has now grown to 120 leaders. And what began as 2-3 hours per leader will surpass that and generate additional follow-up coaching opportunities long term.

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