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Developing Hi-Potentials to Support Business Growth

Hi-Potential Development in the High Tech Industry

Growing Pains

A small, high-growth, high tech company was beating industry giants for business innovation, but was challenged with a lagging leadership pipeline that could not keep up with its explosive growth. A lack of cross-functional leadership communication below the executive team left various departments in silos and frustrated with stalled initiatives and ineffective teaming. Organizational change projects were not keeping pace with the business needs, and highly valued talent became frustrated and started leaving the company.

Creating an Effective Leadership Plan

Right Management stepped in and delivered an Accelerated Development program for Hi-Potentials. This leadership program brought together cross-functional leaders to work on current and relevant strategic business challenges. This set the expectation for leaders to work across the business, using simple but highly effective tools to discuss ways to provide customer value as an aligned and integrated team.

Accelerating Time to Value

Right Management’s solutions accelerated necessary discussions and solved several challenges that had been festering for years. With stronger teams under leadership, business growth is fully supported with improved global scalability.

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