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Right Management Great Lakes Announces POWERLEAD

High Quality Training to Mold Manufacturing Leaders

To help manufacturers combat the unprecedented wave of employee attrition, Right Management, Great Lakes, announces the release of its innovative leadership training programPOWERLEAD. The offering is designed to quickly “upskill” front-line supervisors, equipping them to excel as daily leaders. POWERLEAD will accelerate retention, inspire loyalty, and strengthen efficiency among Michigan companies, despite the current negative climate of employee disruption.

“Our state, like the rest of the U.S., is experiencing mass resignations, job loss, and troubling workforce gaps, particularly among manufacturers. This inevitably leads to potential declines in productivity and profit,” said John R. Bourbeau, Right Management President. “Because Right Management has over 4 decades of experience enhancing people’s potential, and building better businesses, we know an important remedy is for companies to invest in the growth of their most precious existing asset: their evolving leaders. POWERLEAD was designed to do just that.”

Numerous workforce studies have shown that the likeliest predictor of an employee leaving is not dissatisfaction with salary/benefits nor difficult responsibilities. It is disillusionment, a lack of understanding, or dissatisfaction with an immediate supervisor. This is often compounded by an employee “feeling stuck.” POWERLEAD was created to address those issues by equipping front-line supervisors with leadership skills they were not previously taught.

Research also shows that empathy is key to employee satisfaction. No one can empathize as much with team challenges, and the individual needs of team members, as a person who has participated in, and led that team. By becoming thoroughly trained to function as everyday leaders, these valuable first-line managers are transformed into powerful role models, who can easily diffuse conflict, and inspire open communication, efficiency, innovation, and loyalty.

Facilitated by RIGHT MANAGEMENT experienced instructors, and leadership experts, the versatile, interactive, practical training can be easily scheduled and deployed at any Michigan manufacturing site. “In-person” classes are supplemented by online modules, and supporting material that may be reutilized frequently. For more information, please visit the POWERLEAD program page, here or contact us. 

ABOUT RIGHT MANAGEMENT: Right Management, Great Lakes, provides targeted coaching, leadership development and career outplacement services to empower companies and individuals by improving professional performance through critical skill enhancement. For over 40 years, the company has helped thousands of Michigan businesses, and hundreds of thousands of Michiganders, evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy. As a veteran-owned business, Right Management takes the responsibility of serving clients seriously. They’ve worked with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies and a diverse variety of small and medium-sized organizations. To learn more, visit: