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Right Management’s PowerLead program molds true leaders out of the people in whom you’ve already invested: your crucial front-line supervisors.

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1 %

of the existing U.S. manufacturing workforce has either chosen to leave employers, or soon will

1 %

of manufacturers say they have a moderate or serious shortage of skilled or highly skilled workers


manufacturing jobs will be unfilled due to the skills gap in the next decade

Program Details

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

Effective communication is necessary for building relationships and getting results. Our BEST communication framework helps you understand styles of communication, increase your understanding of others, communicate more effectively, and adapt your style to build rapport, trust and collaboration.

  • Describe the key strengths and challenges of different communication styles
  • Gain insight into your own preferred communication style
  • Identify the most effective approaches for communicating with each style
  • Identify the typical challenges to communicating across styles and practice using strategies to overcome them
  • Devise a plan for improving a communication challenge

Improving your communication will strengthen your leadership effectiveness while influencing employee engagement and retention.

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

Effective communication requires adaptability, flexibility, and a focus on impact as much as intention. Adapting your communication style by shifting GEARS based the situation and understanding those you are talking with will strengthen the impact of your communication with others. Evolving and adjusting your approach through the art listening and asking good questions will help you effectively communicate with employees and peers.

  • Understand and demonstrate the use of “communication GEAR” preferences for adaptable and impactful communication
  • Gain insight into your personal communication style allowing you to reduce distortion and misunderstanding when communicating with others
  • Determine strengths and areas of focus for improving your communication
  • Assess and strategize how to manage challenging or difficult conversations using the various “communication GEARS”
  • Explore listening and questioning techniques that apply to all situations and support communicating with impact

Adapting your communication style will enhance your engagement of others and raise your impact as a leader in accomplishing your team’s goals.

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

Trust is foundational to everything leaders do and plays a major role in enabling organizational success, talent retention and customer loyalty.  Leaders are not entitled to the trust of their people; you must earn it by the way you behave toward them.  Building a Climate of Trust provides you with the opportunity to create individual and unique “trust equations” that you can apply with your team to establish integrity and drive business results. Through this session, you will identify key behaviors that will enable you to build and maintain an environment of trust and create an action plan for long-term sustainability.

  • Understand a spectrum of business-specific consequences when trust does or does not exist
  • Create a Trust Equation that represents a formula for success for the team or organization
  • Define the elements of the trust equation to ensure integration and alignment of intention, thought, communication and action
  • Identify gaps between the current and ideal states of trust
  • Create action plans to close the gaps and accelerate trust and confidence
  • Consider what is needed to sustain trust and confidence over the long-term

Given the current realities for business and the state of the talent and job marketplace, the single most important determinant of organizational success is its people. Leading employees that value inclusion, work-life balance, and well-being, requires you to pay close attention to the relationships you build with your employees. Strengthening your ability to build trust within your team will establish a solid foundation to retain a strong workforce.

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

Engaging employees is no longer optional to business success and your role as a leader is a significant influence on the level of employee engagement. Through this session you will grow in your understanding of engagement and motivation and examine how you, as a leader, can impact both within your team and organization.

  • Understand how your experience, values and beliefs affect engagement and motivation
  • Explore the factors that influence employee engagement and resulting impact of engagement on performance and retention
  • Understand the employee needs that influence their motivation and drive their behavior
  • Embrace your role as a leader in engaging and motivating team members
  • Identify how your leadership style helps or hinders engagement of your employees
  • Develop an action plan to drive engagement within your team

What you as a leader can accomplish through your team and for your organization is directly impacted by your effectiveness in engaging and motivating your employees.  By raising the level of engagement among your employees, you positively impact employee retention and business results.

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

The skills of providing ongoing coaching and feedback have never been more critical.  Employees are no longer satisfied with mid-year and year-end performance discussions.  Infrequent coaching does not generate the performance required to achieve winning business outcomes.  Employees who consistently meet personal, departmental, and business goals maximize their contribution to the organization and enhance their careers.  It is important for leaders to help ensure that their employees stay on track in meeting their goals and coaching is vital to accomplishing this. 

  • Understand the importance of feedback and coaching for unleashing employee talent, impacting careers, and achieving performance results
  • Understand the elements of effective coaching
  • Gain insight into your coaching style and capabilities
  • Champion and provide clear, behavior-based feedback
  • Develop specific coaching competencies to improve your effectiveness as a leader coach

Effectively coaching your employees provides them with direction, support, and guidance toward achieving performance objectives that will positively impact business results and enhance careers. 

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

Often it is assumed that organizational change is just about work processes, systems, structures, or strategy.  Arguably, the most critical factor in the success of any organizational change is how people are lead and managed.  Given this, effective leadership is mandatory to achieve successful change.

Leading through change can be an especially difficult task because you are not only required to manage the reactions of your team members to change; you are also expected to manage your own reactions. This session helps you become clear about the role of leadership during change and to increase your confidence and competence in leading through times of change by understanding the process of change itself and exploring effective leadership tools and strategies.

  • Describe the business context surrounding change in your organization
  • Identify your role as a leader during change
  • Describe the emotional journey typically associated with change
  • Adopt strategies and good practices to manage your own reactions and to lead others through change

Changes in your business and department will succeed based on your effectiveness as a leader in leading your people through change in practical ways. By strengthening your approach in leading change, you will positively impact the pace and extent to which others embrace change.

1/2 Day Module • Online or In-Person

Differences and disagreements in the workplace have the potential to be used constructively to build better working relationships, drive innovation and improve business results.  This program provides an expanded view of how conflict can be managed in increasingly diverse workforces to improve self-awareness, collaboration, inclusion, and mutual respect.

  • Understand the common causes of conflict and your preferred style for handling conflict as well as the preferred styles of other employees
  • Identify the advantages, disadvantages, and best use of different approaches for managing conflict and having crucial conversations
  • Apply conflict management skills and techniques to create alignment and support collaboration within your team

While conflict is bound to surface in the workplace, strengthening your effectiveness in handling conflict equips you to use conflict constructively for positive gains with employees, company culture, and business outcomes.  

PowerLead Featured on MITechNews Podcast

Jeff Hauser, Senior Vice President of Right Management, introduces PowerLead on MITechNews Podcast, interviewed by Kathleen Norton-Schock. Right Management’s PowerLead helps manufacturing companies combat the Great Resignation by building effective frontline leaders who in turn motivate and retain their teams.

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