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Kim is supported through Career Transition

Facing an uncertain future

Going through an involuntary separation from an employer, as a result of company downsizing or restructuring, is a fear of many professionals. A separation can not only impact a worker’s finances, but their confidence and outlook on life, as well. But sometimes a seemingly negative setback can turn into a bright future if you have the right motivation and support system. That was the case for Kim, a recent graduate of the Right Management Career Transition program.

Kim is a Michigan native who, before her separation, worked for 31 years as a Global Manager in Sustainability and Environmental Health & Safety in the transportation equipment manufacturing industry. She spent much of her adult life and career working for the same employer. So when she found out about the separation she felt a sad and uncertain about the future.

While this separation was set back for Kim, she was also excited about the new challenge and the new opportunities it presented her. It provided her with an opportunity to rewrite her employment path. But she was very uncertain about where to start, until she remembered that part of her severance package included career transition coaching with Right Management.

Career Transition the “Right” Way

Right from the start, Kim realized she was not alone. “This journey is scary. Having watched so many individuals previously go through it, I truly thought I was prepared. But until your moment comes, you really don’t understand the breadth of emotions that being severed from a long-term position and looking for employment can throw at you.”Kim found comfort and support being in a room filled with other experienced individuals who were also starting the job search journey.

Kim’s biggest source of support during her career transition was her Right Management career coach, Suzanne. Kim said that, “Suzanne’s guidance helped me to realize that the range of never ending emotional chaos that filled a day were normal for an individual in my situation.”

Suzanne worked with Kim and guided her through our program. The program includes coaching and assessments to help her determine career next steps. As well as access to:

  • Targeted job leads
  • Connections to local job resource consultants
  • Tools and resources to help candidates successfully prepare for interviews
  • Our innovative online platform RightEverywhere® where candidates can take assessments, watch webinars, improve their resume, and more

Suzanne also provided valuable advice that helped Kim stay focused and productive, while at the same time taking the opportunity to appreciate the time away from work to find her perfect position.

Now the future looks a lot more certain.

In the end, Kim was able to land a position in another business sector with a raise in salary.

Kim is now an Environmental Health and Safety Manager in the food manufacturing industry. Of her experience she said, “I am so very grateful to have had access to the program and information provided by Right Management. Through the tools provided, I was able to recognize and reaffirm my strengths and experience and clearly present in an interview what value I would bring to the company and the position.

Kim is one of millions of candidates that have found find new careers that they love with the help of their career coaches. According to a recent survey of Career Transition program graduates, 95% said they are very satisfied with Right Management and 91% said they would recommend our services to others.

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