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Right Management Offers High-Touch Outplacement and Workforce Programs

Helps Michigan Leaders Cope with 2022 Talent Challenges

Over 47 million U.S. working citizens resigned positions in 2021. The pace of resignation, reorganization, and talent reshuffling has not slowed down and the nation is experiencing a record low (3.6%) unemployment rate. The new “normal” for leaders is that corporate reputations are on the line, the right talent is scarce, employees have many options, and retaining skilled colleagues is difficult. Over 50% of employees report feeling disconnected from leaders; 89% of organizations have critical leadership gaps; over 60% of workers experience burnout; and more than 61% of newly recruited, high potential people, leave in the first 2 years after hiring. This is a tremendous profitability drain, highly disruptive for most companies and leadership.

With four-plus decades addressing workforce challenges, Right Management, Great Lakes, offers expert “high-touch” solutions to Michigan leaders to overcome these issues. The company provides full-cycle 2022 workforce development, retention, and thoughtful outplacement programs including:

  • Outplacement – Based on highly successful transition expertise, Right Management’s Outplacement is humanistic 360-degree workforce planning for all employees, designed to smooth eventual knowledge transfer, and secure career growth for every team member. By proactively sharing a program supporting an individual’s “next moves,” employees feel secure and cared for, and the organization’s brand and reputation is strengthened.
  • Smart Select – 78% of clients who use objective, data-oriented assessment tools report significant increase in return on investment, higher overall retention, and accelerated productivity among recruits. The SmartSelect process combines science-based assessment with appropriate levels of expert analysis. Using the tools supports a “whole person” approach, strengthens hiring decisions, and shapes individual career paths for new recruits
  • Momentum Coaching –  For both emerging high potential leaders, and experienced managers, Momentum Coaching includes 3-month or 6-month tailored programs that combine assessment with multiple coaching sessions, leading to unique career plans/pathways. Each program includes detailed reviews, course correction, sustainable career plans, roadmaps for future success, and rigorous ongoing evaluation, wherever a person is on the career spectrum.
  • Executive Level Coaching –  50% of employees cite ineffective management as the reason they leave. That costs a company well over 30% of the person’s annual salary in just talent replacement. Even the most seasoned C-level leader can use help. Right Management’s proven Executive Coaching program provides vital support. It includes rigorous assessment, continuous goal setting, powerful mission alignment, a unique plan to maximize strengths, and 24 individual coaching sessions. For many executives, tailored coaching is the difference between success and failure.
  • PowerLead –  This “first-line” leadership development program, introduced in October 2021,  propels high potential “everyday leaders” into better performance. PowerLead prepares the next generation of supervisors for their next roles, by de-mystifying leadership, and reinforcing practical skills used right on the job. PowerLead builds better teams, creates higher degrees of team loyalty, and yields practical results right away. 

Right Management, Great Lakes CEO, John Bourbeau, is enthusiastic about customer reactions to these programs. “Our clients face apparent insurmountable challenges in attraction, recruitment, development, retention, and implementing humane outplacement that works. In recruitment, the average new hire looks at feedback on online sites, and thoroughly checks with former employees before pursuing a new role. We understand. We empathize. Our clients are grateful we are leaders in the 360-degree employment cycle. We are standing with them, and proactively helping, in this watershed year. ” Sandra Chen, DOW’S Global Workforce Leader agrees with John. “What we like about working with Right Management, is that they keep it simple and real. Our people need and want to feel secure, valued, and appreciated. The programs that Right Management implements do that, and more. They have helped us build a richer, and more meaningful experience for everyone at DOW, which contributes, mightily, to our success today, and in the future.”ABOUT RIGHT MANAGEMENT: Right Management, Great Lakes, supplies targeted career outplacement services, coaching, and leadership development programs to empower companies and individuals, improving  performance through criticalskill enhancement. For over 40 years, the company has helped thousands of Michigan businesses, and over 500,000 Michiganders, evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy. As a veteran-owned business, Right Management takes serving clients seriously. We have worked with over 80% of Michigan’s Fortune 500 companies and a diverse variety of small and medium-sized organizations. To     learn more, visit: