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Right Management Great Lakes Strengthens Talent and Curbs Attrition with PowerLead

In four successful decades serving Michigan companies, Right Management, Great Lakes, has developed robust programs to address workforce development challenges. Currently, over 60% of Right Management’s manufacturing customers are experiencing unprecedented employee attrition — a growth inhibitor for customers. To address this, Right Management offers POWERLEAD, an innovative training program, designed to quickly “upskill” front-line supervisors, teaching them to excel as daily leaders. POWERLEAD improves retention, inspires loyalty, and strengthens efficiency among Michigan companies.

POWERLEAD was inspired by Right Management’s long history helping companies thrive in complex environments where attracting, nurturing, and managing people is crucial to growth. Dawn Foods’ Chief People Officer, Jason Lioy, is grateful. “Our long relationship with the experts at Right Management Great Lakes has been extremely rewarding. They are true talent strategists, providing deep insight into our organization, and quickly meeting needs for staffing, upskilling our workforce, and maximizing the contributions of high potential team members. Our people are Dawn Food’s most valuable resource. Right Management helps us, and them, be the most productive and efficient we can be.”

Numerous workforce studies show the likeliest predictor of an employee quitting is feelings of being unappreciated or misunderstood, and dissatisfaction with an immediate supervisor. This is often complicated by “feeling stuck.” POWERLEAD was created to address those issues. It equips front-line supervisors with leadership skills they were not previously taught; empowers them to lead teams effectively; and encourages team collaboration.

Empathy is vital to employee satisfaction. No one can empathize as much with team challenges, and individual needs, as a person who has participated in, and led that team. By becoming thoroughly trained to function as everyday leaders, valuable first-line supervisors become powerful role models. They can diffuse conflict, create open communication, and encourage efficiency, innovation, and loyalty, every day.

Facilitated by Right Management’s experienced instructors, and leadership experts, the versatile and practical training is flexibly scheduled and conveniently deployed at any Michigan manufacturing site. Highly interactive “in-person” classes are supplemented by online modules, and material that is often reused. For more information, please visit the POWERLEAD program page, here or contact us.

ABOUT RIGHT MANAGEMENT: Right Management Great Lakes supplies targeted coaching, leadership development and career outplacement services to empower companies and individuals improve professional performance through critical skill enhancement. For over 40 years, the company has helped thousands of Michigan businesses, and over 500,000 Michiganders, evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy. As a veteran-owned business, Right Management takes the responsibility of serving clients seriously. They’ve worked with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies and a diverse variety of small and medium-sized organizations.