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Career Transition Support: Essential for a Better Employee Experience  

“Making a big life change is pretty scary. But know what’s even scarier?  Regret.” – ZIG ZIGLAR

The world changes, rapidly. It is inevitable, so your organization can stay competitive and relevant, that people in your organization change, too.

Great leaders care about their people as much (or more) than they do about their organization’s bottom line . There are many facets to each career cycle. But one thing is clear. It is up to you, when change is necessary, to make it as seamless and worthwhile a change as possible. Whether you must lay people off, are reorganizing and reshuffling your employees, or a valued employee is making a voluntary move, it is vital you ensure that the process is humane, efficient, and transparent.

What are  the benefits of  having and communicating a thoughtful, complete, outplacement process from Day One of a colleague’s tenure with you?

  • You create security/safety from the time a person starts. Knowing that there is a detailed program to help ease off-boarding dramatically increases an employee’s trust in you and the organization. Secure employees have demonstrated much higher levels of productivity and creativity according to decades of human resources studies.
  • At the time of outplacement, having a process and aid, gives the leaving employee something to focus on. This tames any anger, suspicion, or negative emotions, and mitigates the potential for unnecessary legal wrangling.
  • With good-will, you have a unique opportunity to gain more insight that will empower more organizational progress. When departing employees feel you are helping them in their inevitable transition, it is likely that responses to the “exit interview” you offer will be more candid, detailed, and yield insight that they may withhold, if they do not feel truly supported in a time of transition.
  • The sooner your former employee moves to a new mission, the lower your cost of unemployment will be. Any drain on your bottom line can be reduced. There is strong ROI data that confirms this. 
  • Your brand will remain strong. Online reviews abound, and over 74% of recruits tell us that they read a minimum of 3 to 5 reviews of corporations before they try to join them or accept an offer. The last thing you want in this hyper-competitive talent market is to have your brand tarnished by disgruntled former employees.
  • Talented recruits will find your organization even more attractive. Knowing you care enough and are communicative enough to offer final day details at the time of recruitment is reassuring to a potential new employee. If former employees feel like you cared enough about them to proactively help with their transitions, they may also refer others to you. Everyone has a network;  you want your people’s networks to work for you not against you. 
  • You show the “surviving” employees your level of care and concern for everyone’s welfare.Workplace “survivor syndrome” can be both obvious and subtle in your teams, departments, divisions. It is usually marked by lessened productivity, lower morale, burnout, and a cessation of innovation. You cannot afford it, and you shouldn’t instigate it, consciously or unconsciously.

For four decades-plus, the Right Management Great Lakes team has helped countless leaders and organizations create a human-centered, workable framework for off-boarding and outplacement. From the time you say “hello” to the time you must say “goodbye” to an employee you have nurtured and helped grow, we can help you do it in the most logical, thoughtful human way. Please call us.