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Create the Employee Experience of the Future

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

2022, more than any other year in Right Management Great Lakes history, is a time of exciting and challenging change. The Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted lives, teams, and organizations. Tried and true assumptions about the workplace have been upended. You would have to be oblivious, or living under a rock, to not see the upheaval the last 2-plus years has brought to the economy, and the revelations the timeframe has starkly uncovered for companies, organizations and the people who work for them. 

That upheaval is far from over. Survey after survey all say the same things. As many as 62% of the U.S. workforce are either actively seeking new career roles/employers or are planning to, this year. Over 50% of recent respondents have said they are dissatisfied and restless, and are furiously searching for new meaning, new roles, new environments in which to blossom. Couple this dissatisfaction with technological acceleration (automation, AI, new digital infrastructures including payment systems, the inexorable rise of e-commerce, and more), and you have a storm of change.

The messages we hear from our clients about cultivating and leading people are resounding. Your team members know they are at a premium in a period of full employment, and they want more than just a fair paycheck and benefits package. In our view, our clients must invest heavily in Employee Experience, and must flexibly re-architect to accommodate new realities:

  • People are hungry for social cohesion, “connected-ness,” collaboration and appropriate teamwork while also demanding the chance to bring their “whole selves” with a unique identity and gifts to the table.
  • Employees are seeking safe, secure, productive workplaces, and teams, who match their values, and offer a worthwhile mission to society.
  • People want inspiring leaders they can trust — leaders who actively listen; constantly and transparently communicate; and agilely respond to the new circumstances in the marketplace.
  • High potential employees expect recognition and investment in their development.
  • Opportunities for unique personal growth and learning are highly prized.
  • And above all, the chance to flexibly achieve healthy and positive life-balance has become essential.

Luckily, the Right Management Great Lakes team is comprised of  “change agents.”  External and internal change, and its constancy, is one of the most important reasons our clients hire us. We help them make the right Employee Experience plans and changes at the right time, and the right speeds. 

While it is a tall order, we can help. Helping people grow and change, cultivating relationships, empowering teamwork, and assisting clients to improve Employee Experience are part of our mission. The tools to effect positive change are in our DNA, and our well-developed tool bags. We can help you examine, adjust, and fill any holes in your employee journey. We can help you ensure people have both autonomy/control, and flexibility while simultaneously helping you achieve your overarching goals and mission.

Like all times of transformative change, with the correct tools and expertise to address the issues, 2022 presents exciting opportunities for positive progress. The Right Management team stands ready to help you adjust to the realities of today’s employee-focused, employee-championing “new normal.”  Call us.