Talent Development

"Organizations don't execute unless the right people, individually and collectively,
focus on the right details at the right time." - Ram Charan

The War on Talent Rages On

We’ve been talking about a war on talent for so long it has become cliche. Nonetheless, identifying, onboarding, developing and retaining top talent remains a primary challenge for businesses looking to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing economy. Simply put: if you don’t have better talent than your competition, and do a better job of nurturing and growing it, your days may be numbered. 

Business models are changing in months or quarters, not years or decades, and the market is placing a premium on already-scarce talent. Rather than relying on legacy market share, current product offerings or celebrity C-suites, competitive companies are investing heavily in adaptable people suited to respond to ongoing disruption. The in-demand skills driving the future of business are change agility, digital leadership, learnability and entrepreneurial spirit. Building a sustainable, growth-focused organization is predicated on evaluating and utilizing talent potential, intentionally building digital leadership capabilities at all levels of the company and continuously monitoring organizational effectiveness to ensure in-demand skills remain present and accounted for. 

At Right Great Lakes, we’ve built our talent development practice on a foundation of assessment, leadership development and organizational effectiveness. Leveraging our tool-agnostic approach to assessment, we ‘ll use your existing data or employ one of our proven tools to evaluate potential and build onboarding plans suited to unique characteristics and drivers. Working with our local leadership experts, as well as a global network of leadership coaches, we help companies bridge the multigenerational leadership divide by preparing legacy leaders for a digital landscape while helping new leaders develop and utilize timeless leadership capabilities. Finally, we help companies and teams plan for future succession and proactively monitor employee engagement to ensure the organization is operating effectively. Ultimately, we tailor our talent development engagements to your business – not ours!

We all know hiring a new employee can be risky and expensive. Utilizing assessment is a commonsense, low-cost way to mitigate risk and hire for fit.

Nine out of ten people and talent experts do not believe they have the leaders needed for future success. Our proven approach helps develop leaders.

We help companies measure engagement, avoid costly loss of knowledge during transition, and construct mentorship programs for future leaders.


People have replaced capital as the most valuable asset in an organization. As such, companies can’t afford to spend finite time and money investing in the wrong talent, particularly individuals in leadership roles. The cost of hiring and onboarding, as well as loss of productivity and opportunity costs associated with training, can cost an organization up to three times the annual salary of a departing employee. Getting talent right is critical and our assessment practice does just that! 

We all know hiring a new employee can be risky and expensive. Utilizing assessment is a commonsense, low-cost way to mitigate risk and hire for cultural and skills fit. However, with only 20% of today’s high performers successfully advancing to higher levels of leadership, and 87% of organizations reporting they do not believe they have future leaders identified to fill critical roles, it is time to admit the status quo isn’t working. As companies, we must evaluate potential employees, know our high potential people and understand our leadership teams so we can build quantitative and qualitative talent strategies, not just rely on gut feel or outmoded best practices of the past. Right Management Great Lakes is obsessed with helping clients manage the entire talent ecosystem – we welcome the opportunity to serve you and your people!

Leadership Development

Gary Hamel said, “You can’t build an adaptable organization without adaptable people – and individuals change only when they have to, or when they want to.” Ongoing change in our organizations is far from over. Disruptive technology like the IIOT, autonomous vehicles, robots, and 5G are continuing to accelerate at an already breakneck pace. As much as the impact of change is throughout the entire organization, the role of leaders – in particular those in mid-level or senior roles – is critical. Individuals leading teams, projects and functional areas must socialize the enterprise vision for the company to those on the front lines. Investing in leadership development isn’t an investment in individual success, but in corporate success. 

Nine out of ten people and talent experts do not believe they have the leaders they need for future success. To make matters worse, hiring difficulties are at a decades-long high across the United States and around the world. The reality is we have to think differently about leadership development. We can’t expect the educational system or the active talent supply in the market to meet the demand for leaders. Instead, we have to supplement our external recruiting efforts with investment in developing leaders from within. Right Management has a proven approach to help develop future leaders and accelerate time to value regardless of where they are today – learning to lead self, learning to lead a team or learning to lead an enterprise. With over 1,000 expert coaches with industry-specific expertise and experience, we’re poised to help develop leaders from diverse backgrounds thrive in leadership positions.

Organizational Effectiveness

How often do we know something is important but fail to make it a priority? Everyone knows organizational effectiveness directly correlates to a healthy, productive culture of engaged employees focused on delivering results. Why do we treat it the same way we do green vegetables, routine exercise or daily flossing? We pay it more lip service than actual attention. With 75% of workers not engaged at work and a majority of leaders unprepared to meet the business challenges of the next two years, we can’t afford inaction. 

Our organizational effectiveness practice at Right Management Great Lakes is a perfect complement to assessment and leadership development. Leveraging many of the same tools and techniques – succession planning, employee engagement surveys, targeted coaching, and leadership skills development – we help companies measure engagement, avoid costly loss of knowledge during transition and construct mentorship programs that meet the needs of millennial and Gen Z future leaders. If you’re looking to reengage or re energize your workforce, we can help.

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