Strong Starts

Selection Assessments: Assess Your Options, Select the Right Person for the Job, and Press Play

The Beginning of the Employee Experience Matters

Work has fundamentally changed. Attrition is widespread. Expertise is lost. Burnout is an epidemic. Productivity lags. To positively transform the workplace, you must wisely select, guide, nurture, and keep talented people, who enhance your organization and move things forward. That requires investing in high quality,  science-based tools to pinpoint ideal candidates for your team.  Finding the right people minimizes turnover,  limits the chance of candidates failing, and dramatically improves your company’s culture and reputation.

1 %
of first-year employee earnings is the cost of a bad hire
1 %
of executive transitions into a new role fail
1 %
of companies, who invest in selection assessment report increased ROI and reduced attrition

The Solution: SmartSelect

“The cost of making poor hiring decisions is immeasurable,” emphasizes a Fortune 500 Right Management client— not just in profit, but in human cost to your organization, and its reputation.

SmartSelect combines science-based candidate assessment with appropriate levels of expert analysis. It supports a “whole person” approach that yields invaluable data and powerful feedback to support hiring decisions and shape overall talent development plans, and individual paths, if hired.

  • Leadership and Cognitive Assessment
  • Job Description and Hiring Context
  • Standard Behavioral Interview
  • Summary Report and Recommendation on Fit
  • Standard Selection Team Debrief
  • Leadership, Cognitive, and Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Job Description, Hiring Context, and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Extended Behavioral Interview
  • Comprehensive Report, Recommendation on Fit, Interview Suggestions
  • Extended Selection Team Debrief
  • Leadership, Cognitive, and Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Job Description, Hiring Context, Stakeholder Interviews, Profile Development
  • Custom Behavioral Interview
  • Customized Report, Recommendation on Fit, Interview Suggestions
  • Custom Selection Team Consultation

The Results that Count

Deploying SmartSelect, you choose talent wisely and then give new hires the ability to immerse early and use their unique talents to make quick impact. You offer leaders insight into investment to be made in role changes, driving growth, and success. Selectively chosen employees are 3.5 times more likely to get promoted, and 2.7 times likelier to be most productive. Turnover is dramatically reduced, while performance quickly improves.

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