Layoffs Are Painful

Investing in Outplacement Supports and Protects Everyone Involved in a Reduction and Helps to:

  • Preserve important relationships
  • Support mental health and wellbeing
  • Control the planning, messaging, and execution
  • Ease necessary knowledge transfer
  • Mitigate legal issues
  • Lower unemployment costs
  • Reduce voluntary resignations
  • Turn alumni into brand ambassadors
  • Give exiting employees a way to move forward

The workplace is evolving fast, and with change comes restructuring. Companies are letting go of people at a rapid rate, and reasons vary from financial cuts to refreshing outmoded skills. Layoffs are difficult to execute without backlash and are traumatic for employees both leaving and staying. Leaders struggle to properly break the news, and employees are devastated when they receive the news. Tough decisions are made, emotions run high, and lives are permanently impacted.

These high-stress business situations require strategic planning, empathetic communication, heavy focus on the mental health of everyone involved, and job search support for those leaving. That’s where outplacement comes in, and Right Management has helped over one million people manage layoffs for over 40 years.

1 %
of high potential candidates read reviews and access former employee opinions
1 %
of exiting employees express a favorable opinion of a company when off-boarding is done well
1 M
Data breaches are often instigated by disgruntled employees; and can average up to $3 million per breach

Outplacement is an Employee Benefit that Positively Impacts…

Your Departing Employees

No one wants to lose their job, especially during a recession when competition among job seekers increases. The loss of income, benefits, community, routine, confidence, and purpose causes mental chaos for the affected individual and their loved ones. Outplacement provides separated individuals with emotional support from professional coaches, a structured path to move forward, and critical resources to ensure they are prepared to enter the job market and land a new role quickly.

Your HR Leaders

Ask an HR leader what the worst part of their job is, and most will say, letting people go. Reductions are morally difficult and only happen when necessary; detailed planning and consideration is required. Not to mention…the livelihoods of impacted employees, and the success of the business, are at stake. That’s a lot of pressure, but outplacement services take the burden and provide a clear roadmap to success. As an HR leader, exemplify the core values of your organization by taking care of your most valuable asset, people.

Your Notifying Managers

The notifying managers, who deliver the news to exiting employees the day of a reduction, play a critical role. They set the tone for the affected individual, and many notifiers are not prepared to handle the negative and emotional conversations that arise when someone learns they’ve been laid off. Outplacement services help notifiers construct supportive and transparent messaging, prepare for difficult situations, and compassionately interact with the people who just lost control of their career.

Your Remaining Employees

The people remaining at an organization after a reduction often experience survivor syndrome, which can destroy staff morale and productivity, and seriously impact employees’ sense of psychological safety at work. Providing outplacement helps relieve the anxiety and guilt survivors face. They are comforted knowing their separated friends and co-workers will receive support, and if they’re on the next layoff list, they’ll be supported too.  

Your Employer Brand

It’s no secret that large scale layoffs end up on the news. People pay attention to how companies treat their employees, especially those involved in a reduction. The people paying attention? Future job candidates, customers, and remaining employees. They are all needed for your organization to function, so keep their support by proving you care about your people – especially those exiting the business.

Your Employee Experience

Building a meaningful employee experience starts at the end of the employee journey. How companies say goodbye to their exiting employees profoundly impacts the entire employee experience. For companies to build an alumni base of brand advocates, not detractors, they need to promote effective career or retirement transitions for those departing their organizations. Providing outplacement means when the talent you need tomorrow talks to your former employees, they’re hearing about a meaningful experience. 

Right Management Provides Outplacement for Exiting Employees of All Levels

Our Candidate Programs Include:

  • A job search coach ready to provide support, insight, and guidance 
  • Resources to create an effective, professional resume and LinkedIn profile 
  • Live interview prep tools to practice on camera and prepare for tough questions 
  • Negotiation expertise to achieve higher compensation and better benefits 
  • Exclusive job leads, career fairs, and networking opportunities
  • Access to concierge recruiter connections with globally recognized firms
  • Strengths Assessments for self-discovery and building a personal brand
  • Training and development courses to expand skills, increase value, and prepare for future roles
  • For those considering retirement, specialized coaching support and planning resources are available
  • A blueprint for exploring different industries and alternate career paths such as contract work, consulting, entrepreneurship, or volunteering

Our Coaches Guide Candidates through their Chosen Path

The Right Management coaching team supports a wide variety of career or life journeys. One-on-one coaching sessions and tailored support helps candidates choose a path, establish goals, and craft an actionable plan.


Our career re-employment program gives you the tools and support needed to land new jobs faster, protect your compensation, and control your future by developing the skills needed to thrive in upcoming roles.


Retirement today can take many different forms, but the planning process is unique to you. With our Life Options coaching, you will develop a plan for your future lifestyle and create a bridge that helps you get there.


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this program helps you examine typical trouble spots and highlight pitfalls to avoid. You’ll also receive helpful suggestions on how to recognize opportunities when developing and launching new ventures.


Interested in joining a board, non-profit, or charitable organization? Our program helps you identify opportunities to apply your experience for enrichment, giving back, paying it forward, and/or as a stepping stone to something new.

Re-Skill for a New Role

Opportunity is out there and now is the time to enhance your capabilities and replenish your “skills gas tank”. Our program gives you access to a robust upskilling / reskilling platform to help you take your career in a new direction.

Gig or Portfolio Careers

Consulting, freelancing, and contracting are just some of the options to consider for “gig” employment. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to tackle new opportunities that offer flexible and diverse work situations that you control.

Let's Work Together

Right Management has over 40 years of experience in outplacement and people performance improvement. With global capabilities, and a massive bench of career coaches and leadership experts, Right Management is ready to help companies successfully plan and execute a reduction. Contact us for program levels, details, and pricing. We’ll put together a plan that meets the needs of HR leaders, notifiers, and remaining/departing employees.