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Protect Your Employer Brand

Winning the war for talent is about building a positive company reputation that attracts the best of the best. People pay attention to how companies treat their people – as candidates, employees and exiting alumni. Our outplacement services help clients’ recruit better candidates, reduce hiring costs and improve productivity by building a network of passionate brand advocates who’re happy to share their positive history.

Reduce Unemployment Costs

The faster former employees land in a new role, the more organizations save on future unemployment insurance premiums. Right Management candidates land up to 50% faster than unsupported candidates based upon data provided by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Develop the Workforce

The war for talent continues to grow and many companies are looking for the same skills profiles – digital-ready leaders built for the future of work. As critical stakeholders in the talent ecosystem, organizations must take an active role in developing their alumni. Without reinvestment in departing talent, finding key skills in the future will become even more difficult.

Mitigate Legal Risks

Offering meaningful support to employees leaving the organization doesn’t just build a positive company image, it fundamentally changes the alumni experience. Including outplacement services as part of a larger severance strategy reduces employee stress and transition turmoil and helps mitigate the likelihood of downstream legal issues related to reductions.

What Candidates Say

"Right Management gave me control after a time I had lost complete control. Being assured right away that I wouldn’t be on my own was really good. I met my coach and I sat down with him and he really broke it down into bite-sized, manageable pieces. My coach said, “think about who you are.” And, that’s honestly something that I’ve never done in a professional way, ever. And, that might have been one of the most empowering things to happen to me this year."
"I know that companies have laid people off and left them out to dry. Then, they’re helpless. I can’t fathom what that feeling must be like. I’m very thankful I didn’t have that. And, investing in outplacement sounds like not just the right thing to do, but the only thing to do. "
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Favorable view
1 %

Percent of candidates who have a favorable view of their former employer after services

1 %

Percent of candidates who secure a role with the same or higher levels of compensation

Weeks to Employment

On average candidates find employment in 14 weeks, half the national average

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Right Management?

Right Management provides leadership development, coaching, assessment, and outplacement services. Ultimately, we help businesses prepare for the realities of tomorrow by building better people today.

How does Right Management provide resume assistance?

We offer many tips and tools to help candidates update and perfect their resume. These resources exist within RightEverywhere and our AI-powered resume designer. Candidates can find instructions on how to access these tools within their welcome email. 

Is outplacement just job placement/resume assistance?

We are not a placement firm. We provide candidates with the support, guidance, and resources to go out and find their ideal role. Resume assistance is just one of the many services we provide, along with expert career coaching and access to an online learning platform filled with helpful job search resources. 

How does Right Management help people who are retiring?

Retirement today can take many different forms, but the planning process is unique to candidates. With our Life Options coaching, candidates develop a plan for their future lifestyle and create a bridge that helps them get there.

How can candidates get started with their program?

Candidates can get started with their services by filling out the form on our “Start Your Program” website page. Then, we’ll send them their welcome email containing all the information they’ll need to access their resources. If they’d like to speak to someone directly, they can also text or call 1.800.249.0295 to get started. 

Where is Right Management located? Do candidates have to come into the office?

We have offices located in Soutfield, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. Currently, we are not allowing candidates into our offices due to COVID-19. Candidates can access all of their resources virtually. 

Why Do Companies Work With Us?

We Are Passionate About Potential

We seek out the potential in our clients and in one other, and do everything we can to direct that potential toward great things.

We See the Bigger Picture

We see the forest and the trees. We find solutions to help our clients today, but are constantly on the lookout for what’s coming tomorrow.

We Serve With Kindness

We’re likeable. Always willing to lend a hand. Team players and unabashed cheerleaders. Someone you trust and enjoy being around.

We Are Empathetic But Direct

We speak the truth, even when it’s hard. But we also embrace empathy, never losing sight of the real people that we impact every day.

We Never Settle

We are compelled to push for more, better, and never-been-done-before. Energized by possibilities, and not afraid to ask “Why?” and “What If?”.

No One Wants to Be a Human Resource

People are not interchangeable parts. They are at the heart of what we do, and we treat them with the respect they deserve.

Who is Right Management?

A Company of Real People

We believe a robot could never do what we do. Because people-powered businesses require human insights, and the world doesn’t need another automated process. Tools and technologies come and go, but our people will always be the key to our success.

A Work in Progress

We’re committed to continual improvement. We know there are new challenges around every corner (and thrive on that change), but only if we heed the same advice we give our clients: staying relevant takes work.

Humble Experts

We’re confident in our expertise, but we know that we don’t know it all.

An Extension of Our Clients

We operate as true partners, not just vendors hired to do a job.

Members of the Community

We believe that the work we do has a genuine impact both locally and globally, and we’re committed to being good neighbors and responsible stewards of the places we call home.

Let's Talk

Keeping up in today’s ever-changing business environment sometimes requires tough decisions. But when those tough decisions impact people you’ve invested in, you have a partner in your corner. So let’s talk! We can help you make a talent plan that not only meets the needs of your company today, but also sets you up for success in the future.