The Future of Work

Learn How Leading Enterprises Are Addressing Today's Workforce Management Challenges

In the Future of Work video series, thought leaders from Ford Motor Company, Bosch, and the Michigan Mobility Institute discuss important trends shaping the world of work today and tomorrow.


  • Why Is Talent Selection So Important?
  • The Impact of Poor Hiring
  • Barriers to Talent Sourcing
  • Removing Barriers to Talent Sourcing
  • The Employee of the Future
  • Reskilling the Workforce
  • What Should Be Considered When Building Upskilling Strategies?
  • The Generational Workforce
  • Thinking Differently About Retention
  • Why is Leadership Development and Selection So Important?
  • The Leader of the Future
  • Why Is Emotional Intelligence so Important?
  • What Is Ford Doing to Assess Soft Skills?
  • Employer Brand

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