Intelligent Outplacement

Why Choose Intelligent Outplacement?

We understand that downsizing your organization is hard for everyone involved. Your company offers outplacement services to help mitigate financial and legal risks that may come with downsizing, but to also act as an important safety net that supports separated employees and their families, proves your company’s commitment to remaining employees and the surrounding community, and helps to protect the value of your brand. We call this Intelligent Outplacement.

Intelligent Outplacement by Right Management

With over 35 years in the industry, we understand the modern job search environment and the needs of multi-generational job seekers. Our outplacement services focus on meeting the unique needs of each individual candidate.

Candidates are provided with direct access to our superior talent network and intelligent technology solutions. They are immediately connected with best-in-class resources, information and support. We want to help them achieve their careers goals and quickly land a fulfilling new job.

Our Intelligent Outplacement services revolve around four main areas: Advanced Global Delivery, Insightful Coaching and Guidance, Intelligent Job Matching Technology, and the industry’s most Dynamic Talent Network.

Intelligent Outplacement services from Right Management

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Advanced Global Delivery

With 3,000 global locations, our outplacement services support more than 5,000 clients worldwide using a common delivery methodology that can be tailored to meet the needs of employees in a specific region. Using our RightChoice® program and RightEverywhere® online career portal, we offer both virtual and office based options to meet employees where they live and where they are — in their career and in their job search.

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Insightful Coaching and Guidance

Access to career transition coaching is one of the most important and valuable resources for job candidates. Our highly credentialed and experienced career coaches help transitioning employees regain their confidence, refine their skills and build a job search strategy that best suits their career goals and will result in a fast, successful transition.

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Intelligent Job Matching Technology

We are assessment experts. We scan the marketplace for new tools and approaches. We listen and learn from our clients as they tell us about their experiences with different models. We carefully study and select only the best options. We engage test publishers to create custom methodologies that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


Dynamic Talent Network

Our global reach allows us to connect candidates to more than 4,200 recruiters and best job opportunities, leading to faster, more successful landings. Using our proprietary job portal, Right Job Opportunity, candidates have access to over 2.4 million job postings and market opportunities. They also have access to virtual career fairs that have secured nearly 10,000 first interviews with recruiters and hiring managers.

Take Charge of your career

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