Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

Organizational change is an unfortunate result of today’s ever-changing business market. Mergers, acquisitions or even shifts in organizational strategy can eliminate the positions of talented employees. Dealing with these types of displacement can be a tremendous challenge for all impacted parties – stakeholders, HR managers, and most of all the employees whose positions have been eliminated.

One way of making these types of transitions smoother is to utilize third party outplacement services. Adding these services to a separation process plan can turn a workforce transition into a more manageable experience for everyone involved.

At an organizational level, the use of third party outplacement services can:

  • Reduce severance package and unemployment expenses
  • Help maintain the morale and productivity of remaining employees
  • Promote a positive image of the organization to its various publics

HR managers can work together with the third party to receive professional advice and support at every step of the separation process. This includes consulting on proper pre-termination planning, to on-site support during and after separation announcement meetings, to ongoing progress reports throughout an individual employee’s job search.

But most importantly, outplacement services provide separated employees with support and assistance as they search for a new career opportunity.

Why Right Management?

Our proven expertise ensures a quick, efficient transition with minimal disruption and impact on your company and brand. Using our unique high touch approach and award-winning technology, we have helped transition 3 million people in the last 30 years.

Our Approach to Outplacement

Right Management collaborates with your leaders to plan, communicate and support the transition process. We provide access to our proprietary client portal Right InTouch™, which grants access to data on Service Utilization, Candidate Status, Candidate Satisfaction, Time to Land and Investment. We ensure your transition is handled professionally and with the utmost respect for separated employees.

Our RightChoice® program combines personalized career coaching with innovative web tools, best-practice seminars, events and webinars to provide unrivaled assistance to you and your employees during times of change.

Outplacement Services
Candidates can access training, tools, and coaching anytime, anywhere – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week using our RightEverywhere candidate portal. Some features of the portal include:

  • RightSkills – 3,000 training modules in 18 different languages. Topics covered include business skills, desktop skills and IT skills.
  • iView – An interactive interview tool that allows practice sessions to be recorded and viewed by candidates and their coaches.
  • Workfolio – A web application that helps candidates easily create personal websites to help with their job search.
  • Right Job Opportunities – An easy to use job portal with thousands of possible openings. Candidates are matched with job openings that will be the best fit for their background and skill set.
  • Virtual Career Expo – Events for specific industries and geographic locations. Job seekers have an opportunity to chat one-on-one with recruiters.

Proven Results for Satisfied Candidates

According to a recent survey of candidates who have been through our program, 92% are satisfied with their experience and 91% would recommend Right to colleagues going through a career transition.

After completing our program, candidates also reported:

Outplacement Services


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