Leadership Development

Leadership Development

As a result of unpredictable markets and growing levels of employee disengagement, employers are faced with quite a challenge when it comes to retaining and developing leaders and top talent. In almost half of all companies, the need to identify future leaders is cited as one of their top concerns. However, only 6% of organizations have identified future leaders internally to fill the gaps created by retiring employees.

The challenges do not stop there. Did you know?

  • 87% of organizations do not believe they have future leaders identified to fill critical roles.
  • Only 20% of managers identified as high performers successfully advance to higher levels of leadership.
  • Only 13% of senior executives and HR leaders believe their organizations have proper leadership pipelines.

Organizations need to make smart decisions about their investments in talent development. Developing leaders is a crucial part of creating an agile business. This may seem like a daunting task but if you partner with a third party, like Right Management, leadership development can become a much easier process.

Why Right Management?

We have a proven approach to help identify and develop future leaders and empower employees with the leadership skills they need to drive sustainable change. Our global network of more than 1,000 expert coaches, tailor leadership development programs to address the strategy, culture, values, structure and processes of your business. We apply innovative development approaches including:

  • Action Learning methods for individuals and teams
  • Global location and multi-language program delivery with offices in over 42 countries
  • Measurement and reporting on individual and organizational impact of leadership programs
  • Advanced individual assessment methods including global mindset, business simulation and psychometric tools.
  • Individual development plans with targeted development tactics for education, exposure and experiential (job-based) learning

Programs for Leaders at All Levels

We have programs tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals at all levels of leadership:

Emerging Leaders:
High-potential individuals who are new to leadership roles, are being groomed for higher profile positions, or have been identified as “leaders of the future.”

Developing Leaders:
These individuals are currently in leadership roles and need to enhance their leadership effectiveness, or have changed their role and need to develop additional competencies.

Senior Leaders:
These individuals are responsible for creating the organization’s mission and vision, and executing on the company’s strategic direction.

These are the most senior leaders in the company. Reporting directly to the CEO, they are also accountable to the Chair and the Board of Directors for setting the direction of the organization and ensuring it is executed properly.

Your Leadership Development Partners
With 35+ years of experience, our focus is on being your partner in creating a pool of leadership talent to improve organizational performance in the present and the future. Our solutions drive bottom-line results and accelerate the development of current and future Leaders.

If you have questions about our leadership development services, or would simply like to learn more, contact us today!

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If you have questions or would simply like to learn more, contact us today!