Employee Engagement Surveys

In the face of major shifts in the global economy and the growing need for organizations to find innovative ways to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace; employee engagement is top of mind for many companies because engagement is linked to a number of business success factors. According to recent studies, companies with highly engaged employees:

  • are 33% more profitable
  • have 44% higher retention rates
  • are 50% more productive
  • have 56% higher customer loyalty

A company’s ability to tap into the passion, creativity, and innovation of employees will determine whether an organization can adapt and succeed in today’s global marketplace.

However, conducting an in-depth analysis of the factors that impact employee engagement can be a tremendous undertaking, and many companies do not have the time or resources to devote to these endeavors. As a result, more companies are turning to 3rd parties, like Right Management, for their employee engagement survey needs.

We help clients uncover the factors that can be either impeding or promoting employee engagement and implement solutions to improve their employee relations and company culture.

Why Right Management?

At Right Management, our comprehensive and accurate surveys identify key drivers and barriers to engagement. Our approach to employee surveys encompasses a holistic, expert understanding of engagement, along with a thorough understanding of your organization’s actual performance. We strive to move beyond just measuring engagement to actually leveraging the data to help transform your business. We enable every manager to ask, listen, and solve issues that are preventing maximum engagement and high performance.

Those are not the only things that set our employee engagement surveys apart from those of other providers.

Our Survey Design

At Right Management, our surveys are based on what we believe are the four key pillars of employee engagement: commitment, satisfaction, pride, and advocacy. We look at how employees feel about these pillars as they pertain organization as a whole and to their specific job. With our surveys, we strive to balance gain understanding and insights with creating action items that will drive change in your organization.

We are involved with every step of the survey process – planning, design, distribution, analysis, recommendation. At the start of each new survey project, we provide consulting to help create a customized survey, assuring your survey results offer insights linked to your company’s unique strategy and culture.

We also provide ongoing consulting and support to track and measure survey impact and results; as well as ensure that any action plans are being implemented to their fullest potential.

Our Implementation Technology

Our reporting and action planning platform allows us to create assessments that are reliable, confidential and cost-effective. Some of its top features include:

  • The ability to handle millions of respondents and process thousands of reports
  • Translation into 150 languages
  • Analysis of your unique engagement drivers and recommendations for action
  • Ease of access to data for tracking and reporting results
  • Real-time access to your results
  • Online action planning tool with relevant suggestions

Our Strategic Outcomes

The moment a survey closes, every manager is provided with a customized presentation outlining the results. The survey platform features easily accessible video tutorials describe how to use and get the most from reports.

Our strategic workforce experts also meet with internal teams to present best-practice solutions and address areas of greatest need and concern. Recommendations will emphasize top-down and bottom-up approach designed to impact business success by increasing the job satisfaction, commitment, pride and advocacy of employees. Managers and HR teams will transform from “survey administrators” to coaches for the business.

To learn more about our engagement surveys and the results they can produce for your business, contact us today!


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