Encore Career Life-Options

Encore Career Life Options

The word retirement has been retired, because many people’s idea of what this stage of their life will mean for them is changing.

People who are approaching retirement age are more energized than any previous generation and most want to continue working after retiring from their current career. In a recent Merrill Lynch survey of baby boomers, 71% reported that they intend to keep working after they transition from their primary career into “retirement”.

Why do they want to continue working? Because people need to pursue activities that give their life purpose. People need to continue to feel connected and like they are making an impact in this next phase of their lives.

Our ENCORE Career Life Options program helps employees who are approaching retirement explore this “new” idea of retirement. It provides a systematic, flexible and empowering process to assess and plan for the next phase of life. Since more and more individuals are looking at a new kind of retirement that includes working in a different capacity, ENCORE has evolved into a key component of our career transition offering.

About the Program

ENCORE Career Life Options is a voluntary, phased career transition program for retirement eligible employees. It is a unique life and career planning program offered to help individuals assess, plan, explore and develop a bridge to their preferred future lifestyle. Participants in the ENCORE program assess their aspirations, values, drives, dreams, interests and strengths to focus in on their post-retirement options.

The program provides the retiring employee with an opportunity to work half time at full pay for 6 months before retiring while they explore the possibilities for their next chapter and transfer their knowledge to other employees within the organization.

What does Right Management’s ENCORE program look like?

The program is run by our team of certified life options consultants who have had specialized training as Career Management Consultants and is made up of key areas, including:

  • Individual self–assessment – Assess dreams, aspirations, values, mission, drivers, interests, and strengths.
  • Planning – Identify life and work activities that provide meaning to life, including lifestyle and environment, family/social network, leisure activities, education/learning, community service, wellness, spirituality, work options, and financial planning.
  • Exploring – Test drive the plan by networking and utilizing trials to refine the plan.
  • Creating Action Steps – Develop transition strategies, action steps and timelines for implementing the plan.
  • On-going coaching support – Meet a Right Management consultant to personalize data and to discuss and further refine options.

If you have questions about our ENCORE Career Life Options program, or would simply like to learn more, contact us today!

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If you have questions or would simply like to learn more, contact us today!